Our Pricing Manifesto

Giving small businesses a big leg up.

Why is there such a dichotomy between tech for large and small businesses?

It's easy for conglomerates and large chains to invest millions of dollars in R&D. To hire engineering teams, conduct trials, analyze data; to lose money. At least, economically speaking.

For many smaller businesses that are growing it's simply cost prohibitive. It's also time consuming. Quirk give businesses the same caliber of tech without requiring the millions.

What are my package options?

Quirk take a transactional fee when businesses make money through our systems. In many ways (from automatic marketing to smart recommendations) our tech pays for itself. However, Quirk offers businesses several options including deferring the cost to the customer, rendering all of our software free.

1. Item amounts include the fee, before the grand total

This is the most popular option for businesses and the easiest for customers. It does mean however that a several dollar item cost could have a cent amount which should be considered in the greater psychology of your item pricing.

2. The grand total includes item amount, taxes, and fee

This is also a popular option and depending on what is being sold it may be easier to have one all inclusive amount the customer pays.

3. Businesses can cover the fee

Whether it's highly competitive pricing or simply that the business can afford to cover the cost, Quirk also allows businesses to directly pay the transactional fee.

Why not just take a static percent per transaction?

We can offer businesses a static percent fee but sometimes, especially depending on ticket size and volume, this can really add up and cost businesses. Quirk aims to identify new approaches that take into account repeat transactions, total volume, ticket size, and if the business is a part of our pilot.