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Introducing Customer Experiences, free to download on the App Store.


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Free Customized Design

Our graphic design team applies a unique design to your ordering experience, truly showing off your brand.

Double Check Items

Use the Square POS app to adjust item or category details which will show up for customers to tap. That's it!

Customer Experiences

Beautiful screens that customers use to order.

Easily collect orders. Six feet apart.

No more swiveling, employees don't have to even tap the screen or touch a credit card.

Customers can order in two taps.

Literally. We worked super hard on this. It's faster, nicer than anything out there.

Send a notification when orders are ready.

Customers know exactly when their order is ready.

Automatic tips? Donations? Done.

We make it easy for customers to pay once and cover all your bases. From tips, fees, variable taxes, or donations; we have you covered.


Try Customer Experiences today!

Available for free on the App Store, yes really.

There's so much more...

Using technologies by quirk is an investment in your vision technologically. It's just the beginning.

Order Management

Helpful screens for employees to manage it all.

Complete order details, instantly

Dimly-lit, busy spaces are no match for beautifully detailed and well-lit screens for employees.

Todos, keep running a tight ship

Employees can see exactly what needs to be done, when it needs to be done.

Know more about your operations

Track error rates, item popularity, and other rich details that you need to know about. All this, in real-time.


Actionable Analytics

Get fresh insights and take new action.

See the bigger picture

We're able to track things like error rates, item popularity, employee work, and more operational details.

Customer Profile, a window into the connection

Understand exactly who is coming in, what they're buying, and what they're interested in spending more money on.

Automatic deals, offers, and marketing

Send push notifications, emails, or text messages to customers. They can then order right from that device.